Principles Of Packaging Design

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You should all know by now, that packaging design can make or break a product. This is especially true in the case of new products being released onto the market. Effective and functional package design can be the single point alone that can inspire a consumer to choose your product in favour of another. This is where a packaging design strategy comes into your marketing mix. We recommend that you seek expert advice when designing your packaging to ensure your product is having the most impact possible on consumers.

There are a few basic principles of packaging design that should always be adhered to if you wish to enjoy success. The following examples should be included as a standard as part of any packaging design strategy.

1 - Ease Of Package Opening

A product should not be difficult to open. This causes frustration to the end user and could dissuade them from re-purchasing your product. It is important to carefully consider the uses of your product and who will be the primary user. Obviously childrens products need to adhere to particular standards, as do any medications and other dangerous products. However standard products such as food should be easy enough for an adult to open without difficulty. Other considerations: is your product likely to be used in an emergency ? If so - quick opening solutions are a must. Does your package contain anything sharp?  If so - does it have to have any protective elements to ensure anyone opening the packet does not injure themselves  ?

2 - Package Size Reduction

The size of packaging is becoming more and more important to consumers today. With landfill growing at a rapid rate, many consumers are making conscious decisions to purchase products that come in smaller, more environmentally friendly packaging.  Apple are one such company that has really taken this concept on board.  The new Macbooks come in much smaller boxes with less foam, less packaging and paper.

Taken from the Apple website:

Small volume speaks volumes.

Slimmer MacBook laptop packagingMade from recycled material, the new MacBook packaging is 41 percent smaller than the previous generation. And that’s huge. It means less paper used for smaller boxes. It also means Apple can use fewer planes to transport the same number of products.

3 - Presentation

Obviously the packaging of your product should capture the eye of a potential consumer. But it must do more than just catch their eye - it must capture their imagination and inspire them to purchase your product! Your design team will carefully consider colour combinations, functional design and brand qualities. They will then combine all these elements to create packaging that will inspire a purchase. If they do an exceptional job, they may even create brand loyalty from the packaging alone.

Above all your packaging must stand out from its competitors. It can still retain traditional colours, but there must be an element to the packaging that creates distance between your product and its competitors. Brand innovation will always work to make your product stand out in a crowd.


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